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- "choosing"

"move and be better after injury, trauma and surgery."

- As a CFR® practitioner, my mission is to facilitate movement in support of student’s awareness, healthy action, and authentic being with practical, immediate and ongoing


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- Workshops and Individual Sessions Available

Optimal Self is a synthesis of Susan and her background (see Bio) combined with Harriet Goslins’ brilliant blend of work (and teachers) known as Cortical Field Re-Education. 


Optimal Self utilizes the fact that -

     a)  Brains and bodies want to heal.  (We do not make ourselves get well from a cold or heal from a sprain).

     b)  Brains, our bodies and behavior all have a huge amount of plasticity (are malleable) and are available for change, given the right (safe) environment, provided it makes sense to the brain, (not necessarily to mental thought.)

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