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Pat Flood, M.S., L.Ac

Olympic Acupuncture

Port Angeles, WA


It has been my pleasure to host workshops and introduce CFR to my patients and witness how they change the ways they experience their own body-mind-wellness, as they use the powerful, yet simple CFR tools in their lives. Susan is a Master in her field bringing over 30 years of combined CFR, bodywork / massage and other modalities into her teaching.


Marvin Lowell Cothran, Ph.D.

Marina Del Rey, CA


I tore three ligaments in my left shoulder and couldn’t raise my arm above my chest level. The fingers on my left hand started to swell and I couldn’t even hold a fork or knife. The doctor told me it would take at least 2 years to heal.


The physical therapy gave me traditional exercises, which caused more pain and swelling. I found Susan’s therapy, called Cortical Field Re-education, unique, gentle but very powerful. 


She was gentle, compassionate, understanding, insightful and supportive. She did not force me to do difficult movements nor was there any pain involved. I enjoyed her sessions and within 4 months of starting her treatments, my shoulder, arm and fingers felt good. Her treatments were important to sustain my health and were miraculous and more beneficial than any treatment I received. 


Thank you for the difference you made in me.



James Carswell

Laguna Niguel, CA


I don’t ever recall having such a significant shift in my life as I had with Susan’s floor work - big shift in my pelvis, thorasic, heart connections and head to toe connections. This is deep changing work.


Tomas Prietto

Insurance Broker

Dana Point, CA


I am in recovery from chronic back and neck pain with CFR.  I've gotten off all pain medications as well as anti-inflamatories and nerve inhibitors.  CFR has changed the the way I walk, stand and sit. CFR is an experiential learning that has taught me how to become aware of how I move so that I can choose a more balanced way to move and live.


Talicia Harte

Anchorage, Alaska


To put it simply, thank you for changing my life greatly for the better.



Gail Becker

Grand Marais, MN


I wasn’t sure things would have changed permanently when I returned home from Washington and your CFR sessions. I find things have changed dramatically. I am so different as I go through my day. It has impacted everything I do. I don’t have the low back pain or right hip limitation any more.  


I thought I didn’t need this workshop.  HA!


Thank you so much!


Stephanie Nelson

Seattle, WA


The thing that stands out the most for me is that I have a different relationship to the discomfort in my back. I feel like I am in control and can alleviate the pain by using what Susan taught me.


Artie Robinson

Dana Point, CA


I was in a car crash 20 years ago, thrown through ten feet the windshield and was told I would be lucky to ever walk again. I was unable to raise my right arm above my waist and could only walk a short distance and was in a wheelchair a good deal of time. The first few floor lessons helped me to sleep better and to deal better with every day activities, and I felt better. As the lessons continued the difference became so great I could not deny them.  I’ve taken up golf and bicycling again and am doing all the things I used to enjoy.


I have regained my independence and movement, and now it’s nice to look in the mirror and see Artie again.


Elizabeth Reinhold

Laguna Beach, CA

(Professional pianist)


Because of the sessions I’ve had with Susan, I feel like a totally different person. They way I stand, walk, sit and lie down has all changed. Her knowledge of all the body’s moving parts and their connection has increased my own awareness as well as given me more energy, body strength and increased vitality.


When I started with Susan I was miserable with neck, shoulder, low back and knee pain. I am now moving and living more fully, excited about the present and anticipating a health future.


Seventy-five is now a wonderful age. Thank you, Susan!

Nancy Spraker

Laguna Beach, CA

Durango, CO


I found Susan’s teacher, Harriet Goslins 25 years ago. I came with severe headaches and shoulder and neck problems from a whiplash of moderate severity, having been rear-ended on the freeway 6 years before. Almost immediately my headaches were gone and the other problems left me shortly thereafter.


In my late forties my vigorous riding schedule and and spills caught up with me. I was stiffening up and was in a lot of pain. I went back to CFR mostly with Susan, and my flexibility and ease of movement have gotten better with every lesson. I have never before had the level of body connection with my horses that I now have.

I love horses and have ridden most of my 57 years and hope to keep doing it forever. However, the falls, slips and pounding, etc. took its toll. Now that I have connected with Susan and Cortical Field Re-Education, I can say that I CAN ride as long as I want.

Melinda Mehring


Mission Viejo, CA


Melinda Mehring regularly uses yoga, aerobics, weight and dance. After her first table session she said, “I feel totally different while working out. My total overall body feeling is different, especially in my neck, head, shoulders, jaw, face, pelvis, feel, hamstrings, abductors, even my eyebrows and nostrils!  Dancing afterward reintegrated everything.” After her first day of floor lessons she wrote, “Thank you for the journey of learning. I am more integrated internally.  You have made a very significant impact on my life.”

Marlene Morato
Marathon, FL

I feel very good, and my mouth feels great! It even feels different when I eat. I didn’t wake up last night in pain, like I have for years. My migraines have not returned, and my once painful neck is a symptom of the past.

I can’t thank you enough!   



Leanora Perri

Thousand Oaks, CA


My goal in coming to CFR was to “control” my neck pain to a tolerable level. My vision was traditional, physical therapy, including strengthening and stretching, a modality I had previously found helpful. Participating in the workshop changed many of the ideas I believed to be true about the biomechanics, the strength, and the flexibility of my body. Through gentle guidance during CFR my nervous system was able to rediscover the earliest, and most primitive, purposeful movements of life; which flow with effortless fluidity; I noticed decreases in pain not only in my neck, but also in my lower back, knees and feet. As a result, my sleep has improved in quality and I awake feeling relaxed but alert. I walk, turn, and climb up and down stairs. I found my body (and let it relax.)

Thank you. These days have been the most life changing and joyful for me.


Louise Lee, LMT
Miami, FL

Before the session, I felt like an emotional time bomb. I was constantly aware of uncomfortable feelings in my gut. When I got off the table, those feelings were gone. I feel lighter – among other things. I feel balanced and free, and there seems to be a possibility of laughing and having fun again. One of the most important changes to me is --- sleep. The pattern before the session was that I would sleep 5 hours and wake up. No matter what time I went to bed, I would wake up 5 hours later. After the session I started sleeping longer stretches. I leap out of bed looking forward to the day.  This is very unusual and optimistic behavior, and I have remained enthusiastic.

This is a big step in my healing process!

Marge Pickering

Laguna Woods, CA


I was told that one of my legs was shorter than the other. When I visited Susan, she said, “Not true. Your spine is off balance, and it causes one hip to hike up.” Shortly after that I closed the car door on my finger. I had a lot of pain with that finger, my wrist and my whole arm, and my other side sometimes hurt in sympathy. All of this could have turned into arthritis. Through Susan’s work my back pain is gone, one leg is no longer shorter than the other and I now stand up straighter, not in a slump.  

I feel so fortunate to have found Susan’s work.  She does amazing things!

Johnathan Pearson, age 26

Morpeth, England


During a visit to France, I decided to take a short cut down the mountain on a sled, in the dark and without goggles. I lost control and veered into a brick wall. My left calcaneus (heel) was shattered requiring emergency surgery, the insertion of a metal plate, some artificial bone and several days in the hospital.  


Returning home I was told by an English doctor that my heel was not “knitting” (healing) and that it was likely I would never walk unaided again, that I may be in constant pain and would never be able to participate in any sports again, that any recovery would take up to 12 months, during which I would not be able to work.


After several months later I joined my parents on a trip to the USA to visit a friend to receive some sessions in Cortical Field Re-Education. I had been on crutches for four or five months and unable to stand for any length of time nor to stand on my two feet.  


I could feel a change almost immediately after floor lessons. My body was more evenly balanced on the floor and I could feel every lesson helping with different aspects of my walking. I felt incredibly refreshed and looser and more relaxed than I had in a long time. Being an engineer, I was able to see the logic in what we were doing.


After my first table session with Susan, she said we would try something. She wanted me to walk without the aid of my crutches. She stood next to me for support if I needed it. I  was nervous but walked for the first time in six months! I couldn’t believe it and neither could my parents. As the week went on I learned to transfer my body weight through my damaged foot, and soon I was able to remove my cast.


At my next hospital check-up back home I walked in with two shoes. My consultant was taken aback, but he said that while my foot was healing well, it would not get much better. I returned to  America for more CFR sessions, and since then I have made a complete recovery. When my doctor saw me again and took ex-rays he told me that my foot and bone had repaired.  


Some dreams really do come true!

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